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Five things to do today to protect your business from hackers

The cyber attack that took place over the weekend of 13-14 May 20-17 was not only a wake-up call for large organisations like the NHS, but for smaller businesses too. In fact, if you own or run an SME without a dedicated IT department, it really falls into your lap to protect your assets as far as possible.READ MORE

Promote-gift-vouchers digital-marketing

How to promote gift vouchers with digital marketing

Are you selling as many gift vouchers as you would like throughout the year, or do they only spring to mind in the run up to Christmas?

Gift vouchers aren’t only bought at Christmas – they are popular with consumers all year round to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and special occasions. Others are bought just to say ‘thank you’. Mother’s day, Valentines, Easter and Father’s day give another boost to sales.

In fact, One Tree statistics* show that 50% of annual sales are made from January – October and 50% in November and December. READ MORE


Four ways to sell more gift vouchers online

How do gift vouchers contribute to the bottom line?

Selling gift vouchers online doesn’t only bring in revenue – gift vouchers also attract new guests or clients. Once the recipient of the gift arrives for their treat, a new up-selling opportunity is also created.  Finally, a proportion of people (sometimes up to 40%) will not use their gift before it expires.READ MORE

Increase Christmas Gift Voucher Sales

Christmas is coming – are you ready to boost sales?

Whilst you may be mostly pre-occupied with Christmas parties and events, over the coming few weeks, the fourth quarter is also the key selling time for hotel and restaurant gift vouchers. From setting out a marketing timetable, to creating a compelling reason for customers to buy from you, now is the time to think about how to promote your vouchers.


How to run an online Black Friday sale

Running a sale is easy, right? Decide which product lines to reduce, by how much and for how long and then let prospects and previous customers know about the great deals. But what if you sell hospitality or leisure services, how do you make the most of the buzz around pre-Christmas spending and run an online Black Friday sale?