In the days of Covid-19, gift vouchers are more relevant than ever!

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As the UK fights its way towards the new normal, with restaurants and hotels beginning to reopen after months of lockdown, we understand that you have a lot to think about. From Government advice on preventative measures to gradual re-openings and staged launches, there really is a lot to consider.

Fortunately, your automated gift voucher system can relieve some of the pressure. As long as your vouchers are kept up to date and organised efficiently (something that takes mere minutes of your time) they are a great source of advance income for your business and a chance to guarantee custom in the future.

With this in mind, we have put together a short list of reasons why gift vouchers are more relevant than ever in the days of Covid-19.

1) Vouchers can combat re-entry anxiety

A survey by Ipsos Mori back in May found that more than 60 percent of the UK population felt anxious about going out to restaurants and bars or visiting venues outside of their homes. As no vaccine for Covid-19 has yet been found, many have chosen to stay indoors, order in and delay any visits they might have planned.

However, these people still have hope, and they still celebrate occasions and birthdays. Offering vouchers with long expiry dates allows them to treat each other (or themselves) to the promise of a visit to your venue when they personally feel more comfortable.

In turn, your business receives the voucher payment immediately and the promise of a visit in the future, when the customer is 67 percent more likely to spend more on extras.

If you would like to know how to extend the expiry dates of your vouchers, simple instructions can be found on our FAQs page.

2) Voucher campaigns help make the best of the situation

As hotels and restaurants start to reopen, UK consumers are looking for businesses with a progressive response to the situation. Brands they feel they can trust to look after them.

Some of our clients have transformed their restaurants and eateries into ‘socially distanced dining experiences’. Their campaigns stress that all of the necessary regulations are in place, and their transparency about what their customers can expect makes potential guests feel safe and interested. Take a look at St Moritz Hotel for a great example.

Other clients are homing in on the emerging trend of ‘staycations’, where people swap their trips abroad for visits to places closer to home.

It is particularly important to update your voucher descriptions to include the measures you will be taking to prevent against Covid-19, even if you have not changed what your vouchers actually offer. This little bit of extra information goes a long way in the eyes of potential visitors.

Publishing these measures on your website is a good idea too, as your website is the first place interested consumers will look. For example, take a look at Brend Hotels’ 10 point plan. The depth of information they provide about their preventative actions helps to combat worries and encourage visitors.

Make the best of the situation by keeping your customers informed about how you are responding to Covid-19. Update and promote your vouchers as you reopen so they feel inclined to buy and visit in the future.

3) Automating sales reduces pressure on staff

During lockdown, your business will have furloughed, or even lost, numerous members of staff. As you reopen, employees may continue to be on part-time furlough or contracted for shorter shifts in order to reduce costs.

Automating the voucher sales process means that your team can spend less time answering calls and making sales, and more time on the new duties they will inevitably have, like extra cleaning concerns and reassuring guests.

You save time on organising and redeeming vouchers too, as these processes take just a few clicks on the One Tree system. And we are here to help, of course, via phone or email during regular office hours.

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