Father’s Day plus online voucher software equals more revenue

Online voucher software for Father's Day gift voucher sales Online voucher software for Father's Day gift voucher sales

Father’s Day on Sunday 16 June 2024 will give a stimulus to retail sales, which, of course, includes gift vouchers. Celebrations get the nation spending – and Father’s Day is no exception.

It’s true that dads lag behind mums when it comes to receiving gifts, with twice as much money spent on Mother’s Day. Overall, however, UK retail spending is likely to be around £900 M for Father’s Day. Why not take a slice of that pie?

For children of all ages, the inevitable question always arises of what to give. Father’s are notoriously difficult to buy for as they are less likely to provide a wish list of gifts to their offspring.

Opportunity exists to sell gift vouchers

Furthermore, one study showed that retailers are generally not particularly good at providing gift inspiration for Father’s Day. Since many consumers struggle to think of presents, this is the perfect moment for your business to step in and solve those present-buying dilemmas. Experience gifts also continue to rise in popularity, so both monetary vouchers or packages fit the bill.

Consumers are looking for convenience

Customers expect any buying experience to be easy, whether it’s online or in person. Vouchers generated via One Tree are easy to sell from your website and easy to order from any device. Personalisation adds a nice finishing touch.  With the option to have vouchers sent by post or email, our online gift voucher software makes Father’s Day gifting simple and convenient for your customers.

Save time issuing Father’s Day gift vouchers

The fulfilment that goes alongside our online shop means that you can focus energy on promoting the vouchers, rather than spending time creating and sending them out. One Tree takes care of that on your behalf. This is a win-win for you as you can sell more with less staff overhead. The management portal keeps track of all vouchers once issued.

Use multiple channels to direct prospects to your online shop

Already promoting Father’s Day as an opportunity for fill your venue? Why not mention gift vouchers in your on and off-line campaigns? That way you’ll also capture gift buyers who can’t be with you on the day.

1. Email

a) Add a section about your Father’s Day gift vouchers in your June e-newsletter.
d) Solve the gift buying issue by suggesting specific experiences at different price points.
e) Check that the call to action is clear. Link to the voucher sales page on your website in promotions.
d) Remind prospects that postal or instant email delivery is available.

2. Social Media Ads/Organic Posts

Create a campaign specifically for Father’s Day gift vouchers in the run up to Sunday 16 June. Promote to the local market with links to your online gift voucher shop.  Highlight any gifts available that particularly appeal to men. E.g. Gentleman’s Afternoon Tea, Drinks Tastings, Special Spa Treatments tailored for men, Tasting Menus etc.

3. Print Ads

Add some prominent text or a graphic to any ads you are already running for Father’s Day promoting your vouchers. Include a call to action, i.e. a link to your voucher shop page.

4. Posters

Whether digital or in print, an advert on reception reminds guests that you have gift vouchers for sale. Downloadable poster ideas are available for One Tree clients in the Resources section of the Voucher Management Portal.

5. Timing

The week before 16 June will see most sales, but don’t forget the day itself. Around a tenth of gift buyers are likely to leave their purchase until the last minute. Emailed vouchers with instant delivery fit the bill perfectly, so this is another point to make. All deliveries will be handled by One Tree’s online voucher software, taking away the burden of dealing with requests. Your customers are also happy as their gift-buying conundrums are solved, without even having to go to the shops.

Spread a little magic for dads everywhere with your gift vouchers. Make life easier for your business with online voucher software from One Tree.

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Author :

Louise has spent her marketing career working on software products and systems that help companies make more money with less effort. She is an expert in gift voucher marketing and loves sharing that knowledge with clients in the hospitality industry.