We partner with you

We partner with you

If you’re a One Tree client, you and I have probably spoken on the phone.

In customer support, we like to call every now and again to make sure you are happy with your voucher system and aware of how to use our services. We’re also keen to share with you the latest system developments and marketing resources, with the aim of giving your voucher sales a satisfying boost.READ MORE


Ring ring, ring ring … gone

Are you missing out on more business than you think, simply because front line staff don’t have time to answer the phone?

Around 30% of calls to main hotel reception numbers are not answered on Mondays to Thursdays, rising to almost 40% on Fridays.*

Hard to believe?

One Tree provides a gift voucher and ticketing service for hospitality companies and these statistics have been gathered by our sales team who call a lot of hotels and restaurants in the course of their work.READ MORE

Buy or build gift voucher software

New Gift Voucher System – Buy or Build?

If you’re thinking about selling gift vouchers for your business, your first challenge is to investigate the best way forward. There are options ranging from pre-printing codes on paper vouchers – to a digital solution where customers can buy a variety of gift experiences from your website. Here we look into whether it might be better to subscribe to a gift voucher system or have your own software developed.


Commitment to the Environmental policy

Our commitment to the environment

Like so many other people in the UK, everyone in the One Tree office was shocked to see the terrible effect of discarded plastic on the world’s oceans and sea life. Our chats over coffee led to a more serious discussion: what we could do to reduce our carbon footprint and play our part in protecting the environment?  As it turned out, READ MORE