Manage Users

For Administrators


This page displays details of staff with access to the One Tree Gift Voucher System.

Administrators can:

  • Manage sold vouchers
  • Sell vouchers
  • Create/change gifts for sale
  • Amend voucher and web shop design
  • View Reporting
  • Add or delete Front Desk Users and Redeemers
  • Download data

Front Desk Users can:

  • Redeem vouchers
  • Sell vouchers
  • Extend vouchers
  • Amend voucher messages
  • Re-send vouchers
  • Re-send purchase confirmation emails

Redeemers can:

  • Check the 16-character code and change the status of a voucher to Redeemed

If you wish to upgrade a Front Desk User to an Administrator, please contact One Tree at with the person’s first name, surname and email address and we will change the level of access.

Add a new Front Desk User or Redeemer:

  1. Click Add new
  2. Select access level (Front Desk User or Redeemer)
  3. Fill in details
  4. Click Save

The new user/redeemer will be sent an automated email with a password to access the system.