Manage Users

For Administrators


This page displays details of staff with access to the One Tree Gift Voucher System. Administrators can add, change the user level or delete all user types. The last time a user logged into the system is shown against their name.

Administrators can:

  • Manage sold vouchers
  • Sell vouchers
  • Create/change gifts for sale
  • Amend voucher and web shop design
  • View Reporting
  • Download data

Front Desk Users can:

  • Redeem vouchers
  • Sell vouchers
  • Extend vouchers
  • Amend voucher messages
  • Re-send vouchers
  • Re-send purchase confirmation emails

Redeemers can:

  • Check the 16-character code and change the status of a voucher to Redeemed

Amend or delete users

  1. Click on the relevant line of data
  2. Make amendments in the pop up box
  3. Click Save

Add a new user

  1. Click on Add a new user button
  2. Enter the email address
  3. Select the role and add the person’s name and surname

The new user will be sent an automated email with a password to access the system.