Web Shop

For Administrators


The voucher shop is embedded into a gift voucher sales page on your website and a colour scheme will be set up for your voucher web shop by our on-boarding team when your system is installed. However, if your branding and website colours change, the colour scheme of the voucher shop can be changed to match from within the portal.


Change the settings as required to match the rest of your website.  Changes can be previewed on the right-hand side of the page. The transparent background can be used to allow a patterned background on the web page to display behind the gift items if required. Amendments will appear immediately on your live shop after clicking Save.

Announcement bar

This allows a block of text to be added above the gift items to promote seasonal information, or any discounts you may be offering. E.g. Last posting date before Christmas; Valentine’s gifts; Mother’s Day gifts; Black Friday offers – up to 50% off etc.  Add copy and change the text or background colour for emphasis. The bar will appear on the live shop after clicking Save. The content must be removed after the event has passed.


Gift voucher delivery methods

Keep both options checked, so that One Tree sends out email and postal vouchers on your behalf.

Purchaser terms and conditions

Add terms and conditions that apply to the purchaser, including your refund policy. The gift voucher buyer checks a box to agree to these terms and conditions during the purchase process. Edit and save changes.


Purchasing journeys can be tracked from the point that a customer clicks on the gift voucher shop through to completion of a sale. To use this feature, please add your Google Analytics ID and/or Meta Pixel ID. Consult with your digital agency or in-house specialist on how to interpret the data generated.

A link to an individual gift or category of gifts (e.g. from an advert or social media post) can be generated .

Embed code

The webshop is embedded into a page on your website using a small snippet of code. This is located under the Embed button. It only needs to be added once and creates the link between the management portal and the shop. Only one embed code can be used on each web page.

It is possible to embed an individual gift item or a category of gifts, e.g. spa gifts on a web page if required. Create a new page, add promotional introductory text, then add the code to display the gifts.

Embed an individual gift item

  1. Click the Edit button on the gift
  2. Click on the Embed button
  3. Follow the instructions to add the code to the page

Embed a category of gift items

  1. Click on the Categories tab
  2. Click the Edit button on the relevant category
  3. Click on the Embed button
  4. Follow the instructions to add the code to the page