Apply a Discount

For Administrators

Discount monetary values

To sell monetary vouchers that can be redeemed for a higher value at your venue, start by deciding what percentage discounts you want to offer. E.g. £100 gift voucher selling for £80. Then …

a) Click on Manage Gifts
b) Click Edit on one of the Monetary gifts.
c) Click the Clone button.
d) Change the Gift setting from Monetary to Gifts. This step is essential so that the correct value is displayed on the voucher.
e) Delete the values in the Price field.
f) Add the discounted price in the Price field.
g) Change the Gift name to £XX Gift Voucher (XX = the value that the voucher can be redeemed for.)
h) Change the Gift image – highlight that this is a deal, e.g. for Black Friday. This could include a graphic to explain the saving e.g. Save 20% or £30 extra value – or add a flash or block of colour about the sale.
i) Change the Validity period if required.
j) Edit the text in the Summary field. This will appear on the website and on the voucher so the text should NOT refer to the deal or Black Friday. Copy such as: A special treat, or Enjoy a visit to XXX venue would work well.
k) Amend any other text if there are restrictions on usage. E.g. Add a start date if the voucher cannot be used until a date in the future.
l) Click the Save button and check the wording on the voucher.

The gift item will appear at the bottom of the list on the Manage gifts page. Hover your cursor over the bottom right-hand corner of the gift item and drag it to the top of the page and place it in the position it is to appear in your gift shop.

To create further values

After checking all the details are correct on the voucher, Clone the new reduced gift item, amend the price, the value in the name of the gift and the image (if relevant).

Publish the gift items just before you run promotions at the start of the sale. Unpublish when the sale ends.

Discount existing gift experiences

1. Click on Manage Gifts

2. Click Edit on the relevant item

3. Click Clone

4. Change the Price, the Image, Validity period (if this is shorter than normal) and amend the text if there any variations on the service to be delivered

5. Please do NOT add Black Friday Deal or similar to the text as this will appear on the voucher

6. Click Save and check the wording on the voucher

7. The gift item will appear at the bottom of the list. Hover over the bottom right-hand corner and drag the item to your preferred position at the top of the page

8. Publish just before the sale is announced. Unpublish when the sale ends

Use the Announcement bar to draw attention to the discounts.