For Administrators

One Tree Invoices

One tree issues invoices monthly. The billing page shows which invoices are paid or open and whether payments are made by direct debit via Go-cardless. 

Invoice breakdown

In addition to any service fees and commission due, One Tree invoices also show the postage and packaging costs we have incurred sending out postal vouchers on your behalf.

Commission fees are charged on the total amount, including the postage fees.

Pay by Direct Debit

For convenience, One Tree customers may pay the monthly invoices by direct debit. We work with Go Cardless to facilitate this service. Go Cardless is a time-saving way to make direct debit payments for the services provided. To sign up for direct debit payments, please click here and complete a mandate.

VAT invoices for voucher buyers

One Tree provides a purchase confirmation to gift voucher buyers. If a VAT invoice is required, it must be raised by your organisation as the issuer of the gift voucher. Please contact your accounts department to provide this.

Internet Payment Gateway

The One Tree Gift Voucher Service allows your business to automate gift voucher sales. The system creates, sends out and tracks voucher sales. The revenue paid by customers is paid directly to your business via an Internet Payment Gateway linked to the One Tree System. We offer integrations with Stripe, PayPal and Trust Payments. The gateways verify and manage payments from your One Tree gift voucher shop passing them automatically to your designated bank account. If a refund for a gift voucher is required, the refund must be paid back to the purchaser via the Internet Payment Gateway. This prevents fraud and ensures that the refund is made to the card made for the purchase.

It is therefore critical that you are able to access the payment gateway. Please keep a secure record of the login instructions.