Issue a Complimentary Voucher

For Administrators

To issue a complimentary voucher, start on the Home or Sales page:

  • Before you can issue a complimentary voucher, the voucher must first be set up in Manage Gifts.
example manage gifts page
Manage Gifts Page

To Issue the complimentary Voucher:

  • Click Manual order button
Manual Order Button

a) To print a voucher out without a message or name

  • Select the relevant complimentary voucher.
  • If you wish to issue a voucher without any personalisation, click Continue.
  • Add the purchaser’s details if required for your records. (Not compulsory.)
  • Add a reference in the payment box.
  • Click ‘Complete order‘ and download the voucher to print out.

b) To print the voucher out with a message

  • If you want to add the recipient’s name, message and who the voucher is from, after adding the gift to the basket, click Edit, then Edit personalisation.
  • Complete the boxes. If the complimentary voucher is a prize, add Lucky Winner, Prize Winner, Raffle Winner (or similar) in the first and last name fields. Add a message and details of who the voucher is from. Check the display by clicking the Preview voucher button.
  • Choose delivery method:
    • Print, to print the voucher immediately or to save to your pc,
    • Email if you want the voucher to be emailed via One Tree,
    • Post if you would like One Tree to post the voucher out. (We will invoice postage and packing for this option.)
  • Follow the on-screen instructions
  • Add a reference in the payment box as per your company policy.
  • Click Complete order to generate the voucher.
  • The voucher will appear on the list on the sales page.