For Administrators


  • An up-to-date summary of the current month’s sales is shown at the top of the Sales page.
  • An overview of sales of an individual ticket is available under Manage tickets. Click the edit button on the relevant ticket to view how many tickets have been sold.
  • The reporting section shows data in both graphical and numerical format, starting with an overall summary. Click on the drop-down boxes to change the data periods on the graph and the types of data required.
  • The data held in the system is dynamic. Sales are made 24 hours a day. Data reported on this page is therefore a snapshot generated at the time and date stated.
  • The graphs can be downloaded as a png file to add to sales reports. Other data can be downloaded as CSV files for your own analysis.

Data Breakdown

The data breakdown shows the value of the tickets sold and the volume (the quantity of tickets sold).

  • Sales represents the revenue taken in a particular period and includes Dispatched and Paid tickets. Paid tickets are awaiting dispatch. All tickets are dispatched within five minutes.
  • Redemptions is the value of tickets taken in payment at your venue. (If redeemed in the system.)
  • Cancellations are those tickets that were cancelled for any reason. Some of these may have been refunded, but tickets may also have been cancelled due to errors being made when they were created. Go to the Sales page to view individual cancellations. Refunds are made via your Internet Payment Provider (Stripe, PayPal or Trust Payments).

Sales Breakdown

This section delves further into which tickets are best sellers. The period, value or volume can be selected. The data is displayed by ticket name. This displays data and a graph to show which ticket delivers most revenue. The graph and data can be downloaded to add to sales reports.

Download opted-in email addresses

Ticket buyers are asked if they would like to opt-in to your mailing list when making a ticket purchase. The names and email addresses of those who do opt-in can be downloaded as a CSV file from this page and added to your email system. The date of opt-in is also included in the file.

Download CSV of data

A CSV file of ticket data can be downloaded for further manipulation. This section allows you to view a wide range of data, including which system users redeemed individual tickets. This can assist with calculations to allocate central ticket revenue to different venues within a group.