Voucher Management

For Administrators

On the home page:

  1. Enter ONE piece of data in the search boxes
  • a) Purchaser’s name
  • b) Order ID – appears in the subject line of the purchase confirmation email
  • c) Voucher ID – appears in the bottom right-hand corner of the voucher
  • d) 16-character code – appears at the top right of the voucher
  1. Click search
  2. The Sales page delivers all vouchers matching the criteria entered
  3. Click on the required voucher from the list. This opens the Voucher detail page.

Redeem a voucher

  1. Search for the voucher on the home page
  2. If the 16-character code is used, click Redeem
  3. Even if the voucher has expired, as an Administrator you can redeem the voucher anyway.
  4. Alternatively – open the Voucher detail by clicking on the relevant voucher
  5. Click the green Redeem button

The status of the voucher is changed from Dispatched to Redeemed. Once a voucher has been redeemed, the voucher is marked as invalid and the code cannot be used a second time.

Re-send a voucher

An email voucher may occasionally not reach the recipient’s inbox. The voucher may be in spam, or if a spam filter is set to a high level, the voucher may be blocked before delivery.

  1. Check that the customer received an order confirmation
  2. If yes, search for the voucher on the Home page using the Order ID search box
  3. If they do not have a confirmation, search under their name
  4. If the voucher cannot be located, please contact support@one-tree.net and we will assist. (The transaction may not have completed.)
  5. Once the voucher has been found, click on the relevant row to access Voucher detail
  6. Check that the email address is correct. To amend an error in the email or use a different email address: Click on the edit icon next to Delivery email, make the changes, add a reason and click Save.
  7. Click Re-send email button
  8. Alternatively, download the voucher by clicking Download PDF and re-send the voucher as an attachment from your business email.

Re-send order confirmation

Buyers receive an order confirmation email on purchasing a special offer voucher. The order confirmation can be re-sent by clicking the re-send button at the bottom of the Voucher details page. Note that this is not a VAT invoice. VAT invoices must be sent out by the business issuing the voucher. Please contact your accounts department to send out a VAT invoice.

Extend a voucher

The voucher validity is set when the offer is created. Individual vouchers can be extended if this is in line with your company policy. Please contact us if you want to extend all, or a large subgroup of vouchers issued.

  1. Search for the voucher
  2. Click on the result on the sales page
  3. All the voucher details are displayed
  4. Click the edit icon next to the Expiry date
  5. Add the date required
  6. Add a reason
  7. Click the Save button
  8. Click the blue Re-send email button
  9. Or click Download PDF button and attach the voucher to an email from your business email address.

Refund a voucher

As per UK Online and Distance Selling Laws, customers are entitled to request a refund up to 14 days after the date of receiving the voucher (some exclusions may apply. Please check current regulations if in doubt). After this time, it is at your company’s discretion as to whether to issue a refund. The refund is made to the card used for the purchase. Please note that refunds are not issued by One Tree. These are made by your business via the Internet Payment Gateway used to take online payments. This may be Stripe, PayPal or Trust Payments.

To make a refund, log into the Internet Payment Gateway, locate the transaction and follow the instructions to refund the payment. Partial repayments can be made if you wish to charge a cancellation fee.

Inform the customer by email that the transaction has been cancelled and let them know that the voucher code cannot now be used and they should destroy the voucher. Payments may take some days to appear in the purchaser’s account.

Note: If a refund is made, the status of the voucher must also be changed to Cancelled in One Tree.

Cancel a voucher

A voucher may be cancelled if an error was made during issue or if a refund was given. If a voucher has been refunded, it must also be cancelled in One Tree to prevent the code being used.

  1. Search for the voucher
  2. Click the line showing the relevant voucher
  3. Open the Voucher details
  4. Click the edit icon next to Voucher Status
  5. Change the status to Cancelled
  6. If a voucher is cancelled and replaced with a new voucher of the same value, quote the new 6-digit Voucher ID in the Reason for change box.

Cancelling a voucher does not refund the payment to the customer. To reimburse the purchaser see Refunds above.