Sell a Voucher

For Administrators

To sell a voucher to a walk-in customer or over the phone:

  1. From the Home or Sales page
  2. Click the green Manual order button
  3. Select the offer
  4. Choose one of the following three options:

a) Quick print at desk

This quickly generates a voucher without a message or name.

b) Print at desk

This generates a voucher with a recipient’s name and a message

c) Email

This generates an email version of the voucher with a recipient’s name and message and can be sent either to the purchaser’s email address or the recipient’s email address

Complete the purchase as per the instructions on screen.

Important: An offline payment must be taken for the voucher. Add a code or note to the reference box. This might be ‘cash’, a reference to the credit card used, postcode or authorisation code. Please ensure that Front Desk Users of the system are aware of company policy.