Create and manage online sales promotions

Black Friday – on 29th November 2019 – is firmly established in the calendar as a day (or whole weekend) for consumers to snap up bargains.  The challenge for hospitality companies is to capitalise on the buying frenzy, find a way of pre-selling services and create a smooth online process for purchasers.

Cue pre-paid vouchers, using the One Tree Promotional Voucher Shop.

But flash sales don’t only need to take place on one weekend of the year.  Whether  you would like to sell more afternoon teas in January, midweek set menus in September, massages on Mondays or spa packages for quieter days, a limited period flash sale can boost revenues and increase custom during those periods.

Why not offer discounts to bring in new customers and entice past guests to return?

Using a tailored online voucher shop, hotels, restaurants, spas and leisure companies can sell vouchers for promotional offers directly. Combine a shop on your website with digital marketing promotions and no longer be tied to expensive third party sites.

At a glance

  • Branded, secure shop on your website
  • Immediate e-mail voucher delivery
  • Unique security codes
  • Customised voucher headers
  • Ongoing support

Secure management portal

  • Define terms and quantity
  • Select validity dates
  • View real-time sales data
  • Redeem vouchers and track revenue

Create a seamless journey from your digital marketing to sales

By setting up a voucher shop on your website, there is no break in the customer journey from responding to a digital promotion through to closing the sale. Lock in revenue immediately. Buying is driven by the flexibility of a voucher and the urgency of a limited sales period.

Installation & Support

The web shop uses secure iframe technology and is easily added to a special offer web page. It is fully responsive, so optimised for all devices from smart phones to a pc. Full support is provided during set up and ongoing customer service by phone or email is included. A Stripe, PayPal or Secure Trading account is required.


There is no set up fee and a low commission rate is charged on sales. Please contact us for further details.

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