Online Voucher System
Online Gift Voucher System

Sell from your own online gift voucher shop

One Tree’s gift voucher software makes selling gift vouchers more profitable and manageable. From an online shop embedded in your website, through to voucher design, fulfilling orders and managing security, redemptions and reporting, our gift voucher system does it all for you.

Event Tickets

Take pre-payment with customisable tickets. Ideal for hotel, restaurant and sports club events.

Gift Vouchers

Sell, track and manage gift vouchers from your website. A complete service to increase your revenues and save staff time.

Special Offers

Run flash sales and reduced price promotions. Fill capacity by selling vouchers to be redeemed in slacker periods.

Why choose One Tree as a complete e-commerce gift voucher solution?

Our gift voucher system has been designed simply to make life easier for hotel and restaurant managers.

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Increase gift voucher sales

  • Never miss an enquiry. Sell 24/7 at the times consumers want to buy.
  • All revenue paid directly to you through Stripe.


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Save costs with gift voucher automation

  • Staff freed up to focus on guests, not repetitive processes.
  • Minimal time spent on creating and tracking vouchers.


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Promote your brand

  • Make it easy for loyal guests to buy vouchers for friends and family,
    introducing new guests to your business.
  • Promote your brand with customised vouchers, wallets and voucher shop.


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Optimal gift voucher management

  • Unique voucher codes generated for security.
  • Discover your best-selling gifts with state-of-the-art reporting.
  • Edit gifts and images as required.


Some of our clients

Easy-to-use hospitality gift voucher software, trusted since 2013 by over 300 thriving hotels and restaurants across the UK. 

Kind words from our clients

Steven Stacey, Restaurant Manager, The Lighthouse Restaurant, Ashbourne

We have been delighted with the One Tree system since we first started using it for our destination restaurant. In our first Christmas season we sold five times more gift vouchers than we had ever sold before. The whole experience with One Tree is not only good for us but good for our customers. We are really happy.

Steven Stacey, Restaurant Manager, The Lighthouse Restaurant, Ashbourne

Gift Voucher Services

I took part in a  marketing surgery, one of the gift voucher services offered by One Tree. It was the best 30 minutes I have ever spent looking at our offering! The One Tree marketing specialist took me through everything that we were doing and everything that we could be doing to promote our gift vouchers to a wider audience. We took on board the recommendations and have seen a fantastic increase in gift voucher sales.

Nicky Miller, Marketing and Events Manager, Budock Vean Hotel, Falmouth

Jo Maggs, Business Development Manager, Berwick Lodge, Bristol

The whole gift voucher operation is so much simpler. Our gift packages are more clearly and attractively presented in our online gift voucher shop, which has certainly helped sales. In addition, it has been a great relief to the front of house staff. They are able to guide guests to making their own purchases, rather than queuing up at reception while we put something together.

Jo Maggs, Business Development Manager, Berwick Lodge, Bristol

Paul Downing, General Manager, Dart Marina Hotel and Spa

Customers today expect to be able to buy whatever they want online - and that includes gift vouchers. The addition of our online gift voucher shop enables us to sell more vouchers to more people - from a greater geographical area.

Paul Downing, General Manager, Dart Marina Hotel and Spa

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