Issue a Complimentary Voucher

For Front Desk Users

To issue a complimentary voucher as a charity prize or as compensation, it must first be set up by an administrator as a ‘complimentary’ voucher in Manage gifts.

From the Home or Sales pgae:

  1. Click Manual order button
  2. Select the relevant complimentary voucher
  3. If you do not wish to add any detail to the voucher, choose Quick print at desk
  4. To add a recipient and message, click Print at desk, Email or Post. (Print at Desk can be sent out as an attachment to an email from a business email address.
  5. Complete the purchase screens. If the complimentary voucher is a prize, add Lucky Winner, Prize Winner, Raffle Winner (or similar) in the first and last name fields. Add a message and details of who the voucher is from
  6. Follow the on-screen instructions
  7. Add a reference in the payment box as per your company policy
  8. Download the voucher (if Print at desk option chosen) and attach to an email for the recipient.