Sell Event Tickets Online

From gala dinners and balls to themed events or speaker lunches, selling an event is high on the priority list for financial success.

But with so many demands on an organiser’s time, recurring processes can drain resources. By simply automating sales and taking pre-payment, event managers are freed up to focus on more creative work to deliver the best results.

At a glance

A stylish event shop integrated into your website

  • Take up-front payments directly into your bank
  • Sell multiple tickets and events
  • Increase sales with a countdown ticker


  • Immediate email delivery, with customised headers
  • Bespoke postal fulfilment service available
  • Unique security codes

Secure management portal

  • View and download guest lists and sales reports
  • Make manual sales by phone or in person
  • Add and change event details as required
  • Set the number of tickets for sale

It’s all about brand

Adding the One Tree Event Booker to your website drives more than bookings – it delivers immediate revenues prior to the event taking place. It also saves time and resources by managing guest lists, keeping all sales information in one place.

Close the gap between marketing and sales

Email marketing, social media and online advertising are cost effective ways of promoting events, but breaking the customer journey between the promotion and sale reduces the likelihood that prospects will buy. Adding an event ticket shop to your website increases sales creating an immediate opportunity to buy with an unbroken digital route to sales.

Installation & Support

The secure web shop uses iframe technology and is easily added to an events web page. It is fully responsive, so optimised for all devices from smart phones to a pc. Full support is provided during set up and ongoing customer support by phone or email is included.

No risk pricing

There is a small “pay as you go”├é┬ácommission paid on sales and no long term contracts. An internet payment gateway and internet merchant account (or Paypal) are required. Please contact us for further details.

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