Customise Web Shop

For Administrators


The colour scheme for your voucher web shop is set up by our on-boarding team when your system is installed. However, if your branding and website colours change, the colour scheme of the voucher shop can be changed to match.

Change the settings as required. The new options are displayed on the sample on the right hand side of the page. Changes made display immediately on saving.


  1. Text on background
  2. Page background. Change this colour to match the underlying colour of the web page.
  3. Transparent background. Check this box to remove any background to the web shop. The gift items will float on the underlying page background.
  4. Header and price text can be changed to a hex code that matches the colour scheme on your website.
  5. Click Save after making changes.

Gift voucher delivery methods

Keep both options checked, so that One Tree sends out email and postal vouchers on your behalf.

Purchaser terms and conditions

The gift voucher buyer checks a box to agree to these terms and conditions during the purchase process. Please check that these meet your business needs. Edit and save changes where required.

Introductory text (announcement bar)

This text appears above the gift items on your web shop.  Use the field to add text to highlight any sales events such as Christmas, Valentine’s, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, etc. Remember to delete/amend the text once the event has finished.


The webshop is embedded into your website using a small snippet of code. This is located under the Embed button. It only needs to be added once and creates the link between the management portal and the shop. Only one embed code can be used on a web page.