fathers day gift voucher promotions

Father’s Day gives a mid-year boost to revenues

Father’s Day on Sunday 17 June is the next date in the annual gift giving calendar and provides a mid-year opportunity to sell your experience gift vouchers. With some promotional input, this event can add a boost to voucher revenues.

It’s true that dads lag behind mums when it comes to receiving gifts, with twice as much money being spent on Mother’s Day than Father’s Day, but overall UK retail spending for Farther’s Day was in the region of £700 m in 2017.

So what are the most popular gifts? Clothes come at the top of the list, but according to research by the delivery company Hermes, vouchers and aftershave are second and third – great news if you sell gift vouchers.

For children of all ages, the inevitable question always arises of what to buy. Why not take away the pain by suggesting a gift experience for the dad who has everything? Gift vouchers solve that problem and also provide a good option for adult children who don’t live close to their parents.  With the One Tree Gift Voucher System, vouchers are easy to order from your website, are personalised –  and with the option to have the voucher delivered straight to the recipient – are hassle free for buyers.

You may well already be promoting Father’s Day to encourage people to come to your venue, so why not mention the availability of gift vouchers in your promotional materials? It won’t cost any more and presents another reason for prospects to spend money with you.

1. Email

a) Add a section about your Father’s Day gift vouchers on any regular e-newsletters.
d) Solve the gift buying issue by suggesting specific experiences, or offer ideas of what different monetary values will buy at your venue.
e) Check that the call to action is clear and links to the voucher sales page on your website are working correctly.
d) Remind prospects that postal or instant email delivery is available.

2. Social Media Ads

Create a campaign specifically for Father’s Day gift vouchers in the run up to the 17 June. Promote to the local market with links to your online gift voucher shop.  Highlight any gifts available that particularly appeal to men, e.g. Gentleman’s Afternoon Tea, Drinks Tastings, Special Spa Treatments tailored for men, Tasting Menus etc.

3. Print Ads

Add some prominent text or a graphic to any ads you are already running for Father’s Day to highlight the availability of gift vouchers. Include a call to action, i.e. available to buy online.

4. Timing

The week before the 17th will see most sales, but around a tenth of gift buyers are likely to leave their purchase until the day itself. Emailed vouchers with instant delivery fit the bill perfectly, so this is another point to make in the copy.  All deliveries will be handled by One Tree, taking the burden away from you dealing with requests. Your customers are also happy as their gift-buying conundrums are solved, without even having to go to the shops.

Hard working dads deserve a treat too!

Louise Callan, Marketing Director, One Tree. If you have any thoughts or questions or would like to find out how to automate your online gift voucher sales, please leave a reply or contact us directly.