One Tree Mothers Day Gift Voucher System

How to promote gift vouchers for Mother’s Day 2018

Is Mother’s Day (March 11th in 2018) on your marketing radar for promoting your gift vouchers? If so – perfect – if not, it certainly could be, with gift spending estimated at around £1.4bn and 60% of the adult population likely to buy cards, flowers, gifts, services and, importantly, experiences.

Stretch the promotional value of Mother’s Day

You may be offering a Mother’s Day lunch or special afternoon tea and be focused on taking bookings, or have spa sessions to sell, but once you are at full capacity, revenue for that day is maxed out. Adding your gift vouchers into the mix targets another audience (gift buyers) for increased revenues.

At the very least, including a reference to your gift vouchers within other marketing messages is a good start, but with a small amount of creative flair and effort you can use this important annual celebration to boost voucher sales further.

Your gift offers are already set up ….

The product is in place on your website with an existing range of gifts, so there is no need to re-invent the wheel.  Afternoon teas, spa days and lunch packages are appealing for mums, as are educational courses relevant to women.

Monetary vouchers are also always very good sellers, offering complete flexibility, but you may want to bring other experiences for women to the fore.  Check whether the listing of your gifts needs to be re-ordered.  This is easily done from within the One Tree portal if the most relevant are currently displayed further down the list.

A new category for Mother’s Day can also be created (for our clients who use that functionality) and monetary vouchers plus other relevant options can be added to this section.

Next, tackle the communications …

Decide on your

  • Audience
  • Message
  • Medium

Audience: Who are likely Mother’s Day gift buyers for your business?

Previous gift voucher purchasers – make sure that you have downloaded the list of opted-in purchasers from the One Tree Portal to add to your mailing list.

Local audience – target gift buyers in your local vicinity. With average spend on Mother’s Day gifts at between £60-90, gift ideas for those living nearby make sense.

Loyal guests or clients – Your keenest fans are the most likely to recommend your venue to others and therefore most likely to treat their family members to an experience at your venue.

Message: Choose an angle 

What would appeal to someone looking for a special gift for their mum? Successful promotional headlines tend to tug on the buyers’ emotions (love, originality, gratitude or even guilt) such as ….

Three luxury treats for Mother’s Day
Special gifts for special mums
Mother’s Day gifts that show you care

But other aspects of a gift voucher can also be highlighted to help nudge different types of browsers into buyers, such as

  • Flexibility for recipients – they can use the gift over the coming six or twelve months (depending on your terms of validity)
  • The convenience of buying online
  • The option of sending a postal voucher in a presentation wallet, (sent straight to the recipient if requested) 
  • The immediacy of email for those who leave it to the last minute

Create an urgency to buy

Gift vouchers ordered through the One Tree Gift Voucher System are sent by Royal Mail First Class Post or instantly by email. There is no ‘cut off date’ for Mother’s Day but we would recommend Wednesday 8th March as a deadline for postal delivery. The email vouchers are sent 24/7 so ideal to make sure that even the busiest children don’t disappoint their mums.

Medium: Options for promotions

If you have an annual marketing programme, a focus on gift vouchers for Mother’s Day can be woven into your various marketing channels, both on and offline.

Including …

Sending out March newsletters or promotional emails? Add a feature about your gift vouchers with a link to the gift voucher sales page.  Combine with promotions of your seasonal offerings, e.g. Three ways to spoil mum this Mother’s Day – Lunch, Afternoon Tea or a gift voucher … etc.

A blog post gives a bit more space to wax lyrical about your offering. Select a small number of gift ideas from your range (at different price points) with punchy copy about why they make such good gifts for mums. If you sell monetary vouchers, explain what different values would buy.

Social Media
Your existing social media channels are an instant way to promote Mother’s Day gifts – with relevant calls to action. Repeat the messages throughout the first 10 days of March.


Any local advertising of your seasonal offers could also include a reference to the fact that gift vouchers are also available.

In Venue

Digital displays, cards on tables, Framed A4 poster on reception …

If time is short, prioritise the type of promotions that are achievable for your business and from now until the 11th March.


Louise Callan, Marketing Director, One Tree. If you would like to discuss any of the ideas here, please feel free to send an email or call me on 01761 472911.